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Welcome to my creative playground.  This is where I create, produce, and innovate!  

" Lift your mind to the hills, criticize nothing, evaluate nothing. Just let THE THING come thundering in. It will be chaos for a while, but eventually an order will appear and an order you did not know."

StudioWild is Donna-Lynne Larson's professional production, performance, and educational organization.

Company Profile


Founded: 2007

Owner: Donna-Lynne Larson


Areas of expertise:  Film and Theatre Production, Performance Arts Education, Artistic Development, Holistic Health and Well-being, Creative Wellness Programs and Events, Writing/Marketing/Promotions/Business Communications. 

 Donna-Lynne Larson, Founder/Artistic Director

Donna-Lynne Larson, BFA, has trained and worked extensively in theatre, film, television, video, and radio as performer, director, choreographer, researcher, and writer over the last 30+ years. She has facilitated diverse arts programs, retreats, productions, and events for diverse groups, schools, businesses, and theatres throughout Canada. She is a former principal dancer with the renowned Canadian performance company, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, artistic director of The Alberta Centre of Acting Studies, as well as program director and teacher at Gastown Actor's Studio. 

​She is also a wellness advocate/researcher and, since the release of her internationally acclaimed film about thyroid disease, “Walk Talk Dance Sing,” she continues to explore the topic of “holistic health”--another passion of hers!

​​For over 20 years, Donna-Lynne Larson has been navigating her way along the healing path, going beyond the superficial and widely accepted myths. As a health researcher/explorer, artist, writer, teacher, and wellness coach, she continues to "dig deep" into the layers that create and support VIBRANT HEALTH. Her study and personal practice include deep knowledge in the areas of somatic movement, nutrition, yoga, breathwork, expressive arts, meditation, energy medicine, and transpersonal psychology, with a range of experience in many more progressive wellness modalities. 

As she has discovered, Creativty/Arts and Health/Wellness are a potent combination---they are inextricably linked. 

In the spirit of artistic growth and self-discovery, she develops innovative and exceptional programs, events, and retreats in these areas for all ages and skill levels, from amateur to professional. She specializes in expressive arts, life skills and holistic well-being, acting and movement studies, writing, and performance. She is also a busy performer and producer, with several projects in development.​​