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"You create such a wonderfully free and open environment to dance in, it is like no other." - student, Integral Movement

 "It is amazing, honest, REAL! A hell of a lot of courage, tenacity and conviction! Beautifully scored."-  audience member, "Walk Talk Dance Sing"

"It's fun! It's a high!" - student, Integral Movement. 

​"Wow woman! You are something else! That was incredible!" -- Review, Face My Faces

Donna-Lynne Larson , Artistic Director

In 2007, I began this journey into the wild unknown...

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About StudioWILD:

StudioWILD is a wildly dynamic and creative education, performance, and production house.

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"I love, love, love how I feel. I also have to tell you that while in Maui, I lost 6 pounds. Yeah!!! The whole Wild Woman Maui Retreat experience has awakened in me a sense of adventure to understanding the real me."  --KJ, Wild Woman Maui Retreat Guest​

"The workshop supports people in expressing their gifts more fully. It teaches that who we are is enough and what we have to offer is important, needed and valued." - student, Acting Workshop

"Cold Squad throws moments of brilliance at you...tonight's opening episode electrified by attention  grabbing performance by guest actor, Donna Larson" -  Vancouver Sun Columnist